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Wednesday, October 18, 2017
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Membership at AFBC

Membership at Arley First Baptist Church

     At Arley First Baptist Church we value the importance of every Christian being connected in the life of a local church.  Jesus established the church as a means to complete His mission of discipleship and evangelism in and through the lives of every Christian.  The Bible says that Jesus established the church as the place where Christians experience the love of Jesus, are encouraged in their relationships with Jesus, and engaged in the mission of Jesus.  The details of membership at Arley First Baptist Church are outlined in our membership covenant below.  A covenant is an agreement amongst a group of people for a set purpose. Our membership covenant is designed to remind present members of our responsibilities within our church as well as communicate what is required for membership.  If you are interested in being a member of a local church, we welcome you at Arley First Baptist.  We pray weekly that the Lord would send us new members to better serve the Lord Jesus and each other under Christ. There is a place for you at Arley First Baptist!!!


Questions about Membership

How do I join AFBC?

     Joining Arley First Baptist Church is a simple but important process.  Our membership covenant (as seen below) serves as the basis for membership.  The covenant is outlined in a way that describes who we are as a church, what we do as a church, and what we expect as a church.  Every person who desires membership at Arley First Baptist should have a conversation with one of our pastors in which our church covenant will serve as the guideline for that conversation.  Once a person or persons has agreed to the membership covenant we would lovingly introduce them to the church in one of our worship services, and they will be joyfully accepted into our faith family. 

How do I schedule a Conversation with a Pastor about Membership?

     That is simple.  An individual or a family can always come forward during one of our worship services, and we can set up this conversation.  Another way of starting this conversation is by contacting one of our pastors before or after worship service and let them know you would like to set up a time to talk about membership.  Finally, if you are unsure about who our pastors are, you can always go to our (Ministry Staff) page on our website and find phone and email contacts for all of our pastors.   We are looking forward to hearing from you!!!

What if there are areas in the Covenant that I haven't done or don't understand?

     This is the reason for the conversation with a pastor. Most people who desire membership at Arley First Baptist Church desire do so simply because they want to grow in their relationship with Jesus.  Our membership covenant is based entirely on scripture.  As a person is guided through our covenant by one of our pastors, they have the opportunity to grow in the knowledge and application of God's Word in their lives.  For example, our covenant has a section, "Who We Are," where we mention being baptized.  As a person is guided through the covenant, they have the opportunity to see areas in their spiritual walk that might be missing such as baptism.  The purpose of church membership is to grow people in their relationships with Jesus.  Alignment with our membership covenant is a great step in that process. 

Arley First Baptist Church Membership Covenant 
     As members of Arley First Baptist Church, we covenant together through the Grace of Jesus, for the Glory of God and our good. 


Who We Are 
     Our covenant and fellowship together is founded on our individual faith in Jesus ChristI.  We affirm that we have been born again through faith in Christ as evidenced in our conviction of sin, drawing of the Spirit, personal repentance of sin, calling on the Lord, and a lifestyle filled with the fruit of the SpiritII.  We covenant together believing that the saving grace of Jesus Christ has cleansed us from all sin past, present, and futureIII.  We affirm that the proper response to the grace of Jesus in our lives is the pursuit of holiness and growth in our relationship with Jesus, not as a means to obtain salvation, but as a fruit of those who have received salvationIV.  We affirm that after we have been born again through faith in Jesus, we are commanded to make our faith in Christ public by being baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy SpiritV.  

     We covenant together to affirm the Holy Bible as the infallible, inerrant, all-sufficient Word of GodVI. We view the Holy Bible when properly interpreted and enlightened by the Spirit, as God’s means to direct all actions of life personally and within the churchVII.  We affirm that the Bible is true and the standard for truthVIII

What We Do 
     We covenant together to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus locally and globallyIX. We commit to maintain a burden for the lost and a desire to win souls to Jesus for the Glory of GodX.  We commit to continue in efforts to share the Gospel regularly through loving service, intercessory prayer, and living an evangelistic lifestyleXI.  We commit to maintain the unity of the church, recognizing its importance in completing the mission of ChristXII. We joyfully accept the truth that the primary responsibility of our lives is to bring Glory to God by advancing the GospelXIII

What We Expect 
     We covenant together that the church is the Bride of ChristXIV. We commit to meet regularly and joyfully to worship the Lord in Spirit and in truthXV. We commit to minister to God by ascribing to Him all the praise and glory that He is dueXVI. We commit to take on the individual responsibility of being obedient in every area of worship including prayer, tithes and offerings, fellowship, communion, and the adherence to the preaching and teaching of the Word of God XVII.  We commit to pursue the presence of God as manifested in our gatherings by the means of His Spirit through His people and to His people XVIII. We commit to continue our regular gathering as we look to the return of Christ XIX
     We covenant to fulfill our responsibility as members of this fellowship to minister to each other under ChristXX.  We commit to love each other, serve each other, encourage each other, bear with each other, and hold each other accountable to a lifestyle in obedience to ScriptureXXI. We affirm that this ministry towards each other is every member’s responsibility and is facilitated through the personal use of every believer’s spiritual giftedness and the ordained office of deaconsXXII.  We agree together that every member of the church has the responsibility to carry out proper ministry towards each other and to expect that ministry towards ourselves as neededXXIII.  We agree that this ministry towards each other includes restorative discipline when necessaryXXIV

     We affirm that Christ is the head of the church and that He has entrusted the leadership of His church to its God-ordained PastorsXXV.  We commit to honor God by serving harmoniously with and submissively to the God-ordained Senior Pastor and pastoral leadership of our fellowshipXXVI.  If for any reason we should ever leave this local fellowship of believers, we commit to do so in a manner that maintains the unity of this fellowship and to join another like-minded fellowship of believers quickly. 

     May the Grace of the Lord Jesus be with us, granting us peace, being built up, and going on in the fear of the Lord and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit, and may we continue to increase for the Glory of GodXXVII. Amen.  


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***Covenant adopted unanimously 11/20/2013