Arley First Baptist Church
Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Our Vision: The Gospel at Work in Us and Around Us

Small Groups



Sundays @ 9:15

    AFBC believes one of the most important things you can be a part of is a Small Group/Sunday School class.  Just a few of the benefits you gain when being a member are...

  • Small Groups Improve your Bible knowlege and spiritual growth.
  • Small Group connect you with the life of the church.
  • Small Groups provide a place to belong and build meaningful relationships. Members pray for each other, help each other in hard times and encourage one in their relationships with Christ. 
  • Small Groups provide a platform for you to use the gifts and talents the Lord has given you to encourage, teach, and challenge one another while serving The Lord.


    There is a Small Group for every member of your family.  Below is a list of the classes that are currently meeting on Sunday mornings at 9:15am:



Nursery                        Donna Waldrep & Terri Farmer                            Newborn to 2yrs

Toddlers                       Piney Williams & Trish Joyner                              2 -3 year                        

Pre-K                             Rita Crider & Peggy Elmore                                4 years

Kindergarten                Tessa Pulliam &  Marci Howard                         Kindergarten



Elementary I                Felicia Woodard & Kimberly Stults                       1st-2nd grades

Elementary II               David and Wendy Jones                                      3rd-5th grades



Charlie Daniel - The Gospel Revolution by JD Greear -Located in The Shed (Student room)



Women I                    Ann Warren                                                   Adult Women

Women II                    Sandy Tingle                                                     Adult women

Women III                  Linda Comer                                                         Young Women

Men I                             Sherrell Bennett                                                   Adult Men

Men II                            Danny Crider and Johnny Wooten                        Young Men

Co-ed I                         Brenda Rogers                                                 Adult Men and Women 

Co-ed II                        Charles Ballew/Bill Hines/John Hoffman         Adult Men and Women

Co-ed III                       Annis Evans                                                     Adult Men and Women

Co-ed IV                      Bill Peters                                                         Adult Men and Women

Co-ed V                       Buddy Joyner                                                   Adult Men and Women

Co-ed VII                     Sonny Bennett                                                 Adult Men and Women

Co-ed VIII                    Brad Rogers                                                    Adult Men and Women  (30's & 40's)

Co-ed IX                      Allen & Rebecca Seehusen                            Young Adult Men and Women