Arley First Baptist Church
Saturday, August 19, 2017
Our Vision: The Gospel at Work in Us and Around Us


Our student ministry at AFBC is made up of students in grades 6th -12th.  These grades participate together in smaller groups of middle school and high school students. We strive to show students that it is rewarding and filling to be seekers after God’s heart.  We do this by worship, small groups and through events.

 Join us for “The SHED”

When: Wednesday nights at 6:30pm

Where: Education building, upstairs in the Student room


We call our worship service “The SHED” and it stands for "Seeking Him Every Day" and "Serving Him Every Day".  We use this word as the student version of the church’s vision of the gospel at work in us and around us.   Our time in this service is spent seeking after Jesus through prayer, worship and God’s word.




Small Groups

When: Sunday mornings at 9:15am

Where: Education building, upstairs in the Student's Small Group rooms.

·      Charlie Daniel                                     Room #219

·      Todd Cook                                           Room #217

·      Mundi Ergle                                         Room #211

·     Rhonda Henson & Stephanie Rogers  Room #215


We believe one of the best ways to grow in Christ is to spend time together with other believers in

Christ.  One way we do this is with our wonderful small group classes.  We have

excellent teachers who love to work with Students.


When: At least every month and larger events quarterly

Where: Places like Six Flags, Christian music festivals, mission trips to other states and much more.

Another way we spend time together is through events, camps and mission trips.  We have fun in experiencing God and sharing Jesus through everything that we do.  So come join us.

Upcoming Events:

D-NOW WEEKEND  April-21-23-2017


Arley Loves April-23-2017


Small Group Blow-out May-28-2017


Mission Trip To The Summit Church Saline County AR June-15-21-2017


Amazon Mission Trip June-30-July-8-2017


Association Mission Trip July-16-22-2017


Speak Conf. July-21-22-2017


** More to Come**

Please click the link below to print off a release form. Every Student has to have a release form signed to go on a AFBC Student Trip.

clientimages/58298/student form.pdf